Thursday, February 03, 2011

I SHALL Coupon!!

I will...
cut coupons.
save money.
and save BIG.

I will.

Here's how I'm doing it...for now at least.

I have started by cutting coupons, duh. I recently purchased a weekend only subscription to The Sun newspaper (Thank you Groupon. If you aren't using them you SHOULD!), I got my first one last weekend. I cut out what we eat, drink or use only. I categorized them.

I will do this for at least another two-three weeks, to build up a complete system of coupons.

Then, I will start  implementing them into my shopping plan...according to my bi-weekly meal plan.

I will take only the coupons that I plan to use. I don't plan to stockpile for more than a 3 month supply of anything. If my store is doubling or tripling coupons, then that's a bonus, and I will try and match up to those shopping dates. I will also take advantage of the deals at CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens, like toiletries, etc.

This is my plan.

I am excited to build up to bigger and better savings each time. Eventually, I plan to join So, far it seems to be the best plan available.

Until then, here are my other online resources:
Coupons: Red Plum
Coupons: Smart Source
Money Saving Mom
Hip 2 Save
Mojo Savings
Frugal Coupon Living
Passionate Penny Pincher
Southern Savers do you save? Do you cut coupons? Share your's not that fun if your the only one saving money! ;)

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