Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interchangable Zipper Necklace

So, I have ONE more thing I can mark off my 30 Before 30 List! :)

I made my own necklace using this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous.

I didn't quite get all the pieces that I wanted for the project, but I like the way it turned out! Here's a few pics of how I did the project...first off, I didn't buy a premade necklace, although you can and then use the existing lobster clips to attach to the zipper base...I made my own necklace out of flat round mother of pearl beads.

First I drilled tiny holes in each of the beads...

Then I checked to make sure my rings fit...and they did...

Finished drilling all the holes...

Then I used my eyelet punch to make holes in the zipper ends...

Then I hammered in my eyelets. I used silver eyelets so they would show up a little better!

Then I just attached my rings and my new necklace with lobster clips.

I think it's super cute!

On to the next project!! :)
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