Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pillow love.

Homegoods. This place seriously rocks my socks.

I headed there on a whim today... (boy, will I miss being so close to Homegoods when I start my new job...more on that later.) and there were more goodies than ever!!! I picked up some lovely little items for my this little beauty...(well almost exactly like this one...mine is actually white with a slightly larger mirror in the middle.)

...only I got mine from Homegoods for $34 as opposed to where Young House Love got it from Marshall's for $39! I nearly wet myself when I saw it...I have been stalking Homegoods for one since I first saw it on YHL's site around this time last year!

I had my lucky find above and a lovely green vintage locker basket (perfect for wittle newborn photoshoots) that looks almost exactly like this...

...sure you can find one online but only to the tune of $40!!! I got mine for $12! :) Boo-to-the-YAAAHHH!  

Now I can take adorable photos like this...

Now, if I could just get my hands on a vintage scale...ANYWHO...the Pillows...that's why you're reading right?!!?!

So...there were some gorgeous pillows...and since I am on the hunt for some perfect throw pillows to replace the geometrical-boring-tan-pillows that came with our couch...I darted straight to that section. They were gorgeous. I found white ruffle ones...(sorry again for the cell phone pics)

And beautiful teal ones (these would match my bed perfectly!)

I really liked these as a possible for the couch...but they were a little on the bigger side and only had a few dots of green to match the living room...the stems were grey, flowers were black and the dots in the center of the flowers were a lime green.

I couldn't bring myself to pay $14.99 for the white ruffle pillows...even though I really wanted two for the I carried on and headed towards the bedding.

Then I saw it.

Amy Butler.

Did you hear me?

I said Amy *stinkin* BUTLER.

It was the most gorgeous comforter I had seen in a long time...AND it matched my spare room. I nearly wet myself...again.

Here's a better picture...

AHHHHHH...oh, and btw''s 100% Organic Cotton...300 thread count. I may resume my regularly scheduled naps back in the spare room again! :) I said...Homegoods. Rocks. My. Socks.

I will be heading back to pick up my new Amy Butler comforter later this week. *sigh* Can a girl get any happier??

OH..yes she can...and she has two reasons why...stay tuned!


Many Titles said...

First off... LOVE THAT MIRROR!!!!!! Super cute and I think with the right color it could be a great piece in any home.

And then that comforter set is AMAZING!!!!!!! Its gorgeous!

Terri said...

That's all very lovely but, UM, Hello, Bestie - why do I not know about this new job?

Anonymous said...

Hi- Just came across your blog while searching for a match to a throw pillow I bought at Marshalls - it's the pillow with grey leaves and black flowers (green center). I would love another, but my pillow did't have any identifying tags. Does your pillow happen to have a tag on it with a company name?

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