Wednesday, September 09, 2009

9 Things on 9/9/9

April writing...

Kristin challenged me to write about 9 things we are happy about on this day, 9/9/09.

1. I am so extremely happily married to my best friend!
2. I have a roof over my head, and it's pretty cute to boot!
3. I have some of the coolest, most honest, loyal and fun friends!
4. I attend a great church, where I can volunteer and get so much from it!
5. I have two fantastic dogs that provide endless laughter and memories!
6. Husby and I have great jobs!
7. I am surrounded by family!
8. I have a husband that encourages all of my creative endeavors!
9. I have a God that is bigger than all of my plans and all of my problems!

I now forward the challenge for each of you to try this out on your blogs today (or via comment here)... think of 9 things that despite your circumstances are good right this moment.


MrsKristinClark said...

YAY! I love it!!
We are going to force this world to think happy thoughts today, friend :)

mylittlebecky said...

very cute list! makes me :)

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