Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It never stops...

April writing...

...and the more I think about it...I am not sure I would like it if it all DID stop!!

Fall is on it's way...oh glorious Fall...how I have missed you! I am more than happy to have it back!

*Note, I sat out my Mulled Cider candle last night...the smell of Fall was ALL UP in mi casa!

The 'things to do' list keeps on growing and the 'things I wish I had time to do' list grows as well! :) Lemme show ya!

Things to do: (For this week)
  • Get organized for Yard Sale - Organize/Sort, Price and Advertise.
  • Preparations for the Ladies Tea (19th)
  • Prune back some plants
  • Mail Summerly's package (yeah!)
  • Work...ehhh
  • Sew...Now that my machine is fixed...I have to finish a couple projects for friends (Brandy and Goldie)
  • Plan the fall calendar...or start to at least.
The Yard Sale prep is going to kill me, but it HAS to be done. I HAVE to get rid of some of that stuff! I think I will feel MORE than pleased once that is completed!

As far as the rest of it...it's all the goal to be completed, but I don't plan on knocking myself out to get it all done.

Now...what else is coming up this Fall...we have three VERB trips and then all the Jack-O-Carving Parties in October, then there are already two special events planned in December. One of which is our 4th Annual Cookie Exchange (and I just settled on my cookie of choice...the chocolate crinkles. :) YUMM!) The other is our Gingerbread House Competition!! There will be plenty more events, I am sure! This really is my favorite time of the year!

What's coming up that you are looking forward to?


- Sarah :-) said...

What I'm most looking forward to is all of the holidays and time off work taht I actually get to spend with my Hubs!! So glad he's not deploying. *sigh

megsnbigd said...

Hey April, I need to "prune back" my rose bush and my hydrangea. How do I do it and when?

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