Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where do they come from?

April writing...

...the ideas that is. I have so many of them.

Whether I get inspired by other people, come up with a fresh idea on my own or just do a repeat of something that worked great another time!

There's not enough room in my head...and I feel like I am going to burst. People who know me, know that I am full of ideas...inspirations and what not and even ya'll don't know the half of it! There are things floating around in this head of mine that I haven't even spit out yet!

Here are a few ideas that I bought off that shady guy up there...this first idea came from another blog and I TOTALLY wanna start one!! "Apron Chicks" - a fun way for the girls to get together and bake! Who doesn't LOVE to bake!! Each person comes, brings a part of the recipe and we all wear aprons! *cute aprons at that...potentially homemade ones... (that's obviously another idea...making aprons...gesh!)

Then...VERB tee-shirt designs...I have so many in my head...but getting them down on paper and designing them in Photoshop...that's another story. I am still kind of a novice with Photoshop, so I can't always MAKE what I see in my head. So...working on that one.

...and then there are the numerous sewing projects and home decor ideas...GOOD GRIEF. I have so many, but most of them take a little fundage...you know, for supplies. Fabric, paint, etc.

So all these ideas (and many, many more) are swirling around in my head!!! It's pandemonium in there!

What ideas do you have?!?!

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