Monday, September 14, 2009

The endless battle...

April writing...

This weight war rages on.

I did however lose 3 pounds in the last 13 days. Score.

That means I need to lose somewhere between 15-25 more to be in a good place to start IVF.

So. This are my goals.

1. Water ONLY.
2. 3 meals a day.
3. Exercise (ride bike, jog, Pilates, Wii Active, etc) at least 3 times.
4. Vitamins
5. Stretching every morning. I read an article that stated "stretching the body every morning promotes energy, and muscle movement. Which then can lead to fat burning." -thus weight loss.

So...that's the plan for this week. Well obviously not JUST this week...but you get the idea.

No stress.

I'm kinda paying attention to points I know how to do that from my many rounds with WW.

So far today:
I stretched this morning.
I took my vitamins.
I ate two granola bars for breakfast. (4 points)
I had chicken noodle soup for lunch. (3 points)
I am on my second bottle of water.
I plan to ride my bike today.

So. There we have it.


Jessica04 said...

I hate trying to drop a few lbs. I start to loose weight and feeling good and then it never fails something happens whether it be a holiday or what not. So i fall back again. It is a never ending battle. I like you idea of stretching in the morning had never heard that piece of advice about energy and what not if you stretch in the morning. Also try swimming great source of entertainment and exercise.
When i was pregnant with my son i did water aerobics and lost a lot of weight i think i am going to try it again. Great way to exercise and have a good time at the same time :) Good luck!

- Sarah :-) said...

Sa-WEET! How's the rest of the week going, so far??

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