Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You Go-Girl!

April writing...


It's called the "Go-Girl." Use it so you can go whenever and wherever you need to. The website is SUPER helpful...they even help you by giving you instruction on the proper way to use it.

Left: Correct & Right: In-Correct

So their selling point and main idea behind the product is to prevent germs...which I get. You can use this product standing up. I have to admit, there have been some pretty sketchy toilets that I wouldn't want to make my enemy sit on!!

So who knows...maybe they are onto something.

It just seems...

*click the logo at the top of the post to go to www.Go-Girl.com


- Sarah :-) said...

That is disgusting! I'm sorry, but does it seal shut after you go in it? and what do you do, then? Put it in your purse until you can throw it away later? What if it busts?

I can't handle it. First re-usable fem-hygiene products, now then? What is going on int his world today??

Angie said...

well, I have lived 51 years and no problems as of yet, so I can't imagine using one! My personal opinion. What do you do with it when you fill it? Throw it away. I can sit without sitting so ...............

April E. :) said...

NOT that I am helping them out or anything...but you don't FILL the Go-Girl...you pee through it. The little tip at the end...that's where the pee-pee comes out...and onto the forest floor if you are camping or into the johnny-on-the-spot if you are not down with risking disease in one of those babies. Then I assume you wash it out...with one of the provided toilette's and put it back in it's container. They claim it is germ-proof.


megsnbigd said...

Oh please, my mom gave me "uri-mates" years ago! Keep em in the glove box!

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