Wednesday, September 16, 2009

With a Heavy Heart........

Cory Writing.....

My Friends and Family....

This morning I write this blog with a very heavy heart and I am not quite sure why. All I know is I will not be able to sleep until I write this blog. I believe God is wanting to speak to someone. I am not sure who, but if this is for you I hope you find it strengthening and it gets you through the valley you find yourself in.

As most of you know my wife and I have been trying desperately to have a child. It hasn't happened for us YET, but we are not discouraged and we still know God is on the throne. We still have our questions that aren't getting answered and we don't really understand why it hasn't happened yet, but all we know is we are trusting in our all mighty God.

My wife and I both have had many people come to us and say, "I don't know how you guys do it, but you guys are so strong. I wouldn't be able to be as strong as you are. Why are you guys able to be so strong?"

I haven't been able to answer that question, until now. The other night I was at work and it was a particularly slow night, so I was listening to one of my Pastor Friends (I don't personally know him, except through blogs, emails, and his preaching, but I consider him a friend.) His name is Pete Wilson and he is a Pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN

He recently did a sermon series titled Q Questions about life and God. This sermon series was based on questions people in his church submitted. He took these questions and dealt with one topic a week. All the sermons were really great, but one sermon really stuck out it my mind and really put into words why my wife and I are able to hold our head up high even though God has not blessed us with a child just yet. This particular service is titled: "Why Do People Suffer?"

Please don't take my words as boasting or being proud, but I am trying to share a nugget that has helped my wife and I through this difficult time and I am hoping it will help you through your difficult time. So please watch this video and I hope it will touch you to your inner core and help you get through this valley.


MrsKristinClark said...

Hiya Corey :)
We do not personally know each other, but April and I are becoming good friends over the subject of infertility. I am proud of how hard you both work at believing and trying ... it is a difficult road.

I can see the light that is coming, for the heart that holds on :)

pete wilson said...

So glad this message was helpful. Praying for you as you walk this road. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you.

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