Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Old Navy & Target always have my heart

April writing...

Old Navy & Target have really always had my heart. Great prices and for the most part, great selection. (Sadly, I have been let down in the past) But with these goodies for Fall'09, I can overlook the past!!

1. Scoop Neck Sweaters (in 5 Colors, $20 each)
2. Three-Button Raglan Sweaters (in 9 colors, $25 each)
3. Pointelle Trim Cardigans (in 5 colors, $26.50)
4. Bell Sleeved Swing Jackets (in 2 colors, $24.99 on SALE)
5. Cropped Sweater Knit Swing Coats (6 colors, $34.50 each)

Of course, we need some shoes too...I think these two choices from Target are on MY list...

What will YOU be wearing this Fall?

1 comment:

MK said...

I adore Target and Old Navy, almost as much as I adore fall wardrobes in general. You are right about the corner, I'm in Baltimore :)

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