Thursday, September 10, 2009

a note from the "Pups"...

Pickle and Olive writing...

I don't think we have ever done this before...

No, we haven't. At least not since I have been here, and that's been almost two years.

Right, well...let's get down to business shall we?

Well, that is why we are here...gos,h you are so formal Pickle. And can you please scoot over! Do you always have to sit SO close to me!

You smell nice, ok?! Anyways, back to why we are here. Mom writes about us on occasion, and I don't think that Dad ever has...

Mom doesn't do it nearly enough, in my opinion...and does Dad even blog anymore??

...and you always have to share your opinion don't you? You are so greedy! Like the other night when Dad was petting me behind the ears, you ran over and interrupted!

Oh please, you get tons of attention with all of your medical issues! Mom fawns all over you to get you well. I mean, what's up with the 'rear-end' problems you have...seriously, that's gross.

I can't help it! It just happens. And it's really painful I'll have you know!

It's real GROSS, that's what it is! Whaaa? Be right back, I need to run around for a minute.

She drives me CRAZY! I am so embarrassed now. Sorry you had to hear all that. She knows how much I hate people knowing my business...anyways. About why we are writing. This is more directed at our parents. We really wish you would write about us more often. At least put up more pictures.

*running past* yeah...causeee I ammm reaaaallllyyy ccuuuuttteee!!

Can you not sit still? These people are going to stop reading!

*comes back and sits in the corner by herself* Fine. I'm here. Where were we? Oh. Right. So, Mom and totally need to write about us. How fun I am, how quirky I am, how cute I am...

HEY! I'm cute! I do fun things!

Please, all you do is kiss-up to Dad. "Oh Dad, play ball with me...I wanna be your best friend...ruff, ruff, ruff." Pathetic. You have to know he can see that you only want to play with him when he is leaving for work! What about the other 23 1/2 hours in the day?

Oh! OH! I love Dad. He's is like my favorite person in the house and he KNOWS that!

Nice Pickle. How do you think Mom's going to feel about that, when she reads this? She's going to get all sad and whine to Dad about how it was her idea to get you, and how she cleans up your poop and wipes your rear, you know...when the 'issues' arise. And there you go just pushing her to the side like she were chopped liver.

*thinks to himself* Hmmm chopped liver sounds yummy...

Pickle! Hey! Are you listening to me? You never listen to me. Nope. Of course not, you are thinking about food again aren't you! You know, you aren't going to have a body like that forever, it WILL catch up to you!

Oh, I'm sorry, we all can't be young and spry like you, do you even eat! *fart* Ooops... *sniff, sniff* Sorry.

That's gross.

Look, let's just give the nice people our message and be on our way, I think it's about time for a nap anyways. I'm gonna go crack a window... here it is. Mom and Dad...write about us MORE. We have stories to tell too! We have cute faces that are just begging for pictures to be taken...and if you wanna focus a little more on me, then I am fine with that...

Gesh Olive, I leave the room for a minute and you bring all the attention back to you! I am over this...I'm going to take a nap in the bay window...race you for the best seat! *runs off*

NOT fair, you got a head start!!!! Piiiccckkkllleeee!!!!


- Sarah :-) said...

You... are out of control!

And what's funny, I pictured them sitting and tilting their heads like the animals did when they talked in "Homeward Bound". Remember that movie?

Yeah. And that's TOTALLY your dogs, too. ReDONKulous!

Angie said...

You are seriously out of control blogging...................or maybe just bored to tears.........or laughs rather. You are TOO FUNNY! I am so proud of my girls and their blogging talents.

Chris said...

Olive and Pickle - you have a very funny mommy!

Cre8tivemom said...

This blog is one of the many reasons you are quite possibly the funniest girl I know!

sarawr said...

ahahaaa, this is hilarious! amazing =)

also, saw your profile on 20sb and i'm really liking your blog!

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