Thursday, November 06, 2008

I can't seem to get out of my FOG

April writing...

I am stuck...I don't know if it is busyness or just not really having anything to write about. (Although that has never stopped me in the past! ha!)

But I will be back...I am gearing myself up to start off November with bang-worthy-blogs with humor, wit and all the other awesomeness that comes with a 2slicksgoodtimes blogspot.

Shall we start with the supposed impending doom that is the holidays??? I can already feel the calendar pages slipping by...speeding towards December 31st...I am already out of breath. I am however thankful for the sermon that our Pastor preached last holiday season, about the true meaning of Christmas...wha? You haven't ever heard a sermon like that??!! :) jk.

Well, I know it made an impact on my family as a whole. (yep...both sides) The bottom line's not our birthday. Nowadays we get SO caught up in what we are buying whom, what we will be receiving, how we can be that friend that always gives the best Christmas gifts...but it's not OUR birthdays. It's his.

Yep, that's right...Baby Jesus. *heehee* but no, really...all humor aside. It truly is a day to remember HIS birth, his story, his life...and we have been defined every year by the Black Friday sales for the best toys, and the credit card offers, and the DEBT that buying presents for people who's birthday it is NOT brings us.

If we seriously, take a step back and realize what the Christmas season is really about, what we will get in return is a happier, slower, healthier and debt-free Christmas season. What a gift to US!!

Last year was our first year without focus on buying presents. Without spending at least a thousand dollars on presents that 80% of which are rarely used and have no meaning in the grand scheme of things. It was wonderful. My side of the family in fact, instead of exchanging gifts at all we all pooled $50 each and went to Medieval Times as a family, we had a blast. So in one moment we exchanged what could have been hundreds in potentially unused presents for quality time with each other. *sigh* That's me already breathing a little better. With Cory's side of the family, if I remember correctly we only did stockings. Each of the adults drew a name out and we each had one stocking to fill. *sigh* The kids even got less don't feel sad for them.

I honestly feel as though we are teaching them a lifelong lesson. Honestly, take a look at your children if you have them, or children around you. Look at their attitudes during the Christmas it an attitude of "I want" or and attitude of "I will give" or what? For us taking a look at our family, we could slowly see the desire for presents, presents and more presents growing each year and it was hard to keep up with. It's not their fault at all...the world has even driven kids to believe that this time of the year is all about what they can receive, what they can get for being 'good'...when that is not the true meaning at all.

I know I am rambling and I am sure that you get the idea. After all that is said, our Pastors challenge was to in fact turn all the presents and attention towards our family and friends actual birthdays...the day that is actually theirs! And in turn make the holiday season only about Jesus and his birth and life and the story of salvation that he brought to our lives!

I know it seems early to talk of Holidays, but hey, Walmart already has Christmas stuff out and I actually heard a Christmas carol on the radio two days's coming people. Do you know where you stand? Do you know who's birthday you will truly be celebrating this season?

p.s. - I guess when I try it's not that hard to blog at thought or two from my head. :)

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- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha ha - LOVE the baby Jesus pic. ha ha ha

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