Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So this is tuesday...

April writing...

and I have a cause of the blah's.

I had to literally drag myself out of bed this morning. I had a wondrous night sleep though. You see before bed, I washed our sheets and comforter, and then I showered and shaved my legs. There is no better combination. Not to mention it was so warm under there...and even though our little heater (we still haven't turned on our heat) was oscillating it's warmth around the room...nothing could compare to the bear hug my comforter was providing me.

But I did it. And I drove my self squinting and fighting off sleep all the way to work for...nothing. Not a T H I N G to do. Seriously. Not that I am complaining...but there are no specs to type, no filing to do...nothing. The phone is barely ringing. And this situation is not helping my sleepiness...well rather my draw back to the warm bed I left at home.

I did it all yesterday...cleaned my desk (including dusting and organization) and I filed my "to-be-filed" inbox, I typed up the last of the specs for a deadline, (that was yesterday at 4pm), and I went through my inbox and filed all my completed projects and I even cleaned up the supply closet, box and shipping closet and the copier center. I completely transitioned us from using DHL as our primary shipper to UPS, I printed the new 2009 calendar...early and I made new birthday lists for everyone's desks.

So that left me...nothing...for today.

Well...almost nothing. I have one project, that I work on when I have nothing to do...but it I am not careful...and I don't pace my 'not-much-to-do' self carefully, I will complete that project and then not have my go-to project on other days like this. I also have a long list of things that I can do for Verb/Jason...but that won't take me long either. But should I do them, then really have nothing to do??

So there...I have the blah's and one very important decision to make. Breakfast...bagel or english muffin?

And I have officially only wasted 10 minutes of my own time to blog this ridiculously unnecessary post and you...I am sure you are feeling as though your time was wasted too. My bad...it wasn't my intention.

but you see...I have the blah's...so I cannot really be held responsible.

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