Monday, November 10, 2008


April writing...

Ok...tonight is the So You Think You Can Dance tour and I am SO stinkin' excited! I just watched some of my favorite dances from this season and I am SO pumped for tonight! It will be Myself, Brittany, Terri, Brandy, Bekah, Mary Ann and Erin.

It is going to be SO much fun!! So, in honor of my outstanding evening ahead...allow me to share some of my favorite dances with you!!! (Some of these videos you may have to skip ahead to the actual dance!) And they are in no particular order.

This dance included Will (and his gorgeous man-body) and Jessica (whom I really hope is there, since a broken rib got her knocked out of the top 10 and replaced with freakin' COMFORT! boo!)

Now this little number is so great...cause it includes "Twitchington" which is Twitch and Kherrington. Such a great dance!

Now this one has Katie and Joshua (Joshua was the winner) and he was amazing. Katie grew on me...but this was a really neat dance too!

Another goodie, with Mark and Chelsie...they were an OK couple...Mark was a wierdo ha!

Now here's my last goodie (although there were others, but I could do this all day!) This one includes Katie and fun!

So I am sure I will have some fun pics to share tomorrow. I am off to have FUN!!!

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