Tuesday, November 18, 2008

oh for pete's sake...

April writing...


(I know the picture is not clear but you will get my idea)

If you are going to post an ad about someone feeling overweight...then why the heck would you use a picture of someone who is probably UNDERWEIGHT??!

I suppose it is to make those who may not THINK their overweight, now want to JUMP of a BRIDGE because according to your ad, if you are able to pinch a little flab of skin on your side, then chances are you are FAT.

So if truth be told, when I pinch my side and I get a handful of junk, then I must be stinkin' morbidly obese...thus leading me to purchase your product so I can lose weight and soon only have a small flap of skin to squeeze. Or is the idea for me to have NOTHING to squeeze?


p.s. - oh and I am also confused by this...why is it that skinny girl on the left 'hearts' her belly button, but equally skinny girl on the right is showing us, using the 'pinch' method, that she feels she is fat.

Again I say...whatever.


Cre8tivemom said...

I feel the same way!!! I too am able to grab a HANDFUL of junk!!! and all these girls out their who are a size 6 are complaining!! I am happy with who I am though so I don't really care if they think i am fat or not.

- Sarah :-) said...

I see where you're going, but I guess when I look at this advertisement, I thinkt hey're trying to sell the "end product". They're showing you what you "can" look like. What little you can grab IF you use their product... which is still SUPER gay, if you ask me. they look anorexic!

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