Friday, November 21, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

Why does my husband rock? Let me count the ways...

10. His smile and his laugh...when he's happy...I'm happy.

9. When he opens the car door for me...he's not perfect at this...but when he does, it warms my heart.

8. His goofy side.

7. His desire to be a Father is as strong as mine to be a Mother.

6. He is a great uncle.

5. He is a great 'adopted' big brother.

4. When he cooks dinner with me...this is a great time to talk.

3. He works so hard everyday, whether at home or at work.

2. He challenges himself to be a better person.

1. He loves Jesus and loves being the head of our household. He does an amazing job!

I love you HUBBY :)


:: jamie :: said...

Great post! Love the top ten. Sounds like you've got a wonderful guy there, and it's lovely to see husbands & wives encouraging each other!

Becky said...

My honey rocks because he respects me and my needs. It's hard to explain where this comes from because of the situation it stems from. But suffice it to say, Steve gave me what I wanted without too many words from me.

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