Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Moan

Cory writing....

Sorry I didn't get this on sooner, but when I am off work it throws me off. I usually do my blogging at work.

Today's Monday Moan is about how Credit Cards are just way to easy to use. I am frustrated with how I spent money as I young whipper snapper. I am blaming most of it on the easy use credit cards and a little bit on my in ability to control my spending. I am paying for this know because my life is somewhat controlled by earning the almighty dollar. Money is spent so quickly, but made so slowly.

That is my Monday Moan and I look forward to hearing yours. This Thursday will be Thanksgiving, so Simple Pleasure Thursday will be substituted for Why I am Thankful Thursday.


April E. :) said...

My Monday Moan is the fact that no matter how hard I try to stay moisturized my skin dries out like the desert over the winter months. And my hair...oi. The static is enough to drive me batty!!!

Becky said...

My Monday Moan....My honey being gone until the weekend. Some 1st Birthday and Thanksgiving we have here for our 1sts. I am trying to be positive but it's hard cause I miss him sooooo much!!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

My Monday moan = Mondays.

Just Mondays.

They stink. I push and push and push for them to go away, but alas, they wake me. Why can't we skip Mondays? Well... becuase then we'd hate Tuesdays.

When will it END?!

Brittany said...

My Monday moan actually happened on Sunday but all my days run together so who cares!!! I HATE it when it is a cold day and you are eagerly anticipating jumping in to a hot shower and what do you know THERE IS NO HOT WATER!!!!!!

It makes me grumpy.

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