Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boston Trip - Day Four

Day Four...

Fenway Pahk!!! Home of the Green Monstah!! :)

We took a tour in the morning, then got to sneak buy a ticket to get in early to watch Batting Practice from the seats of the Green Monster.

Here we are on our tour...Adorbs!'s my cutie-pah-tootie next to the Green Monster...supporting his LA Dodgers!

So these...are the original chairs...still in use at the Park. We heard all about their history, how uncomfy they were (as we sat in them during the tour). Little did we know...they were our seats (only on the other side of the stadium) for the game...ehhhh.

After our tour...of which I have more pictures than I could's Husby as we are waiting, yet again for our Hotel Shuttle. He was mocking on the Bostonians who apparently nap anywhere and in what ever position they find most comfortable!

Once we got changed and ready for the game, we headed back to Fenway for the Batting Practice. Here's Husby...after he stopped my heart a few times trying to catch balls...while reaching over the wall...ahh!

And here we are in the worlds' most uncomfortable seats...yes, wearing our smiles. We were still at Fenway part, enjoying the game and the history of it all! I felt bad for Husby, J and B...they all have long legs and their poor knees butted up against the seats in front of short stature helped me out in that regard...

Just a minor glimpse into how deliriously hot it times we didn't move, just sat there in agony!

And a little post-game sadness. LA got poor dear was bummed.

But we slapped on more cuteness to take one of my favorite pictures of the trip!

...and as we were leaving, J wanted a picture by the Pesky Pole.

It was a great, long and HOT day...but well worth it.

That's really it for our Boston Trip tour de pictures....Saturday was pretty low-key and we flew home. Thanks J and B for a fun trip with NO trips to the ER! :P

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