Wednesday, June 30, 2010


See this beauty?

It's the Ikea Stornas Buffet.
It retails for $449.

I picked it up, with a few added drawers at Goodwill last night...

...for $60!!!

It has a few paint transfer marks on it, but those are easy fixes. There was one little scratch on the top part, but that was easily fixed with some spray stain I had.

Whatever!! I was so GIDDY!!!

I bought it for my craft room. My plan is to paint it long as teal is the color I still plan to go with as the accent color down there! Either way, it will be getting a full remodel when it gets to it's final home in the basement.

But for's Husby's dresser. I figured, instead of taking up space in the ever changing basement, we could use it in our room till the craft room is done. Then we will move it and purchase the drawers that we planned on putting in our room, which is basically the same size. (The Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser)

Isn't it just GREAT!!!


mrs. fuzz said...

nice! I love a good steal. That rarely happens to me though unfortunately. We did get a $200 bookshelf for $70 once though. That was nice.

I love all your finds!

Myya said...

Uhhhh that is AWESOME!!! How come I never find super great finds like that???

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