Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This Month Last Year - June 2008 & June 2009

April writing...

More back in time fun...what was I doing/blogging about "This Month Last Year."

What was I doing/blogging in April 2009:
On June 5th, 2009 - Surgery and Allergies...oh my.
On June 11th, 2009 - Some of my favorite things...
On June 11th, 2009 - I did my first Maternity Photo shoot.
On June 24th, 2009 - I made my first placemat pillow.
On June 25th, 2009 - I started diagnosing that SMELL.
On June 29th, 2009 - Oh, oh fender bender.

What was I doing/blogging in April 2008:
On June 3rd, 2008 - Well learned that we fell into the "Unexplained Infertility" category.
On June 5th, 2008 - I shared my big Craft Room plans/ideas.
On June 20th, 2008 - I Amazing Glazed the first time!
On June 20th, 2008 - I blogged about my "desired" Super Hero Power.
On June 26th, 2008 - We sailed the Harbor for the first time.
On June 30th, 2008 - Our church lost Hope. It shook us all pretty hard.

Have fun looking back with me!

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