Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boston Trip - Day One

So we vacationed in Boston...I know, that may not seem like an ideal vacation spot...but the guys had underlying motives.

To see the Red Sox and Dodgers play ball. So we made a week of it.

It was a blast. Since we have a TON of photos. I will break up our trip into days for ya...

Boston Day One.

At the Airport...Husby got to meet and pose with Sarah Palin...she didn't have as much personality as I thought she would, she was kinda stiff.

We landed in Boston and waited, and waited, and waited for the Shuttle to our Hotel...enjoying the glorious weather though...

Once we reached the hotel and the other half of our vacation group, we decided to head back into we waited some more...for the shuttle (this would be the recurring issue the whole week)...sleepiness set in...

We headed over to Quincy Market which is filled with some GREAT eats and some great shopping surrounding. There are also many, many performers and plenty of interesting people to see.

We finished off our day with a bite to eat at the Hard Rock was within walking distance of Quincy Market, and J & B (our vacation partners) collect cups from it was a must visit! (don't mind my FACE in this picture...who knows what kind of horrible joke the shadows were playing on me!!)

So after dinner, we walked towards the pier...running across a funny picture opportunity...oh the irony.

...and finding a garden, that later in the week we found out was a memorial to Rose Kennedy...JFK's mother. It was so pretty! Especially with the city of Boston as the backdrop!

The pier had some gorgeous sites as well, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the setting sun and the city skyline!

As we traveled back towards our Subway station...we ran across the most amazing fountain. It spit water up randomly from the brought out the kid in all of us!

...and it made for some GREAT photos too!

So that ended our first day...pretty low key and relaxing...the rest of the week got pretty busy...but you will see more of that soon!

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Myya said...

Not much personality, kinda stiff... too cute! Beautiful pics as usual. I'm so jealous of all my bloggy friends wonderful cameras. I need to start working on the hubby. : )

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