Friday, June 04, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

I know, I haven't done one of these in forever...but he still deserves the credit!

My Husby see, this week he got a phone call, a invite to come in and have a meeting...with the Chief of Police for the County he works. *yikes* Needless to say he was a little nervous. Why? you ask? Let me jump back a little for ya...

You see about two weeks ago, he sent a letter up through the chain of command, letting them know that he was a volunteer Ambassador to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. About two years ago, he designed and put into action a new license plate available to any MD driver's who wish to support the NLEOM through vanity plates. That's when they made him an Ambassador. So far he has over 200 plates registered!! Well, more recently he was asked to be a part of a planning committee for the NLEOM's Gala to take place this Fall; and I mean a with tickets costing upwards of $1000 each! Of course he jumped for the opportunity to be in such great company...any BOY is he!! Others on the committee during their first meeting were talking about knowing Joe Montana and others heads of Corporations like Target and such. He is too cute too...during the conference call he stayed completely quiet, I guess he felt overwhelmed. :)

Around the time of that call, it was suggested that any Officers, such as himself contact their chain of command to make them aware of their voluntary status with the NLEOM in case there would ever be a conflict of interest. So that's when he wrote the letter and sent it on up.

He hadn't heard anything until his phone call invite to meet with the Chief this week. So he got some information together and prepared for the meeting.

When he arrived the Chief came out and said, "I have two of the Majors in the office..." So Husby thought, 'oh ok, I will wait till they are done with their meeting...' Little did he know they too would be meeting with them! So he sat with three of the top 5 of his County Police leadership!

The meeting went great and he was asked to become the Liaison for the County Police to the NLEOM; which is gratefully accepted. You see, his County has always been involved in the NLEOM and the Chief has wanted to appoint a Liaison for a while, but had to find the right person, he couldn't just charge someone with the job, as it would be a volunteer position. (not holding any pay raises or special office, etc)

That's when Husby's letter fell into the Chiefs lap...he had found his guy.

I am just so proud of him. Husby cares so much about the Memory of Fallen Officers and has voluntarily stepped up to remember them through the NLEOM! Whether through the vanity license plates, attending Police Week and the Candlelight Vigil and now as the Liaison for the County. I couldn't be more excited for him!

I think this will open many doors for him and I am so glad!!
You ROCK sweets! Well done!!


Mama Hen said...

That is SO cool!

Many Titles said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see what doors are going to be opened through this!

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