Monday, June 28, 2010


I have SO much to blog...I just can't wrap my brain around doing it all!!

It's been so stinkin' HOT around her...I think it's zapping all my juice.
It's sucking the life out of me.
I have nothing left.
feel sorry for me yet? ;)

Anywho...Let me go down the list.

The House - Basement work is on HOLD. We are paying off some small things then it's back to SAVING money for insulation and drywall. I foresee us being back on the basement bandwagon late Summer, early Fall. This is pretty much what we thought would happen anyhow! Although with it being so stinkin' HOT lately, I really can't wait to finish the basement! It's going to be our cool sanctuary...hopefully by NEXT Summer!

Our house was 77 degrees almost every day this weekend! AHHH, and that's with NEW windows and all the fans up high and the curtains drawn. That's what we get with an all brick exterior and some builder's lame attempt at insulation!

The Garden - I have PICTURES of this coming soon. We have one little green bell pepper that is doing it's best, slowly growing...albeit deformed per Husby. Hopefully I will have some tomaters, red bell peppers, zucchini and squash to pop up soon!

The Dogs - They are LOVIN' all this heat. I let Olive play in her little kiddie pool last week, she loved every minute of it...except for when mean ol' Mommy topped off playtime with a bath outside. She normally loves back, but is not a fan of getting rinsed off with the hose. BRRRRR! Pickle had a knuckle-headed day on Saturday, which resulted in him going bonkers and knocking my doggie-bag leftovers from dinner with the girls out of my hand. He wasn't lucky enough to get to the treasure that busted out of the to-go-box though...he did land himself in jail his crate for a while though.

The Rest - our friends J & B, have officially moved into their new home...I am SO stinkin' excited for them!! I am sure she will post more about it on her blog once they get settled in! Our other friends TT and Andrew are due to have sweet little Kennedy very soon! I am ecstatic to get to hold and love on that sweet little girl! They too bought a house, and will be moving in about three weeks after Kennedy is born...isn't she BRAVE!

Church and VERB are great...same ol' stuff there.

My Father-In-Law is having back surgery, as we speak. I actually just hear from Husby that he came out of surgery great and they should get to go back and see him really soon. He has a long 10-12 weeks of recovery ahead of him, but we are all glad to see that hopefully he will regain some comfort and mobility very soon!

So that's the update...along with some promises of photos and more bloggy action coming very soon...SERIOUSLY...I promise!

Does anyone still read this?? Thanks to Myya, my almost constant commenter!!! Now if I could just get my butt into gear to return the favor!!! :P


Dispatcher #33 said...

I'm not a constant commenter but I am a faithful follower... I'm always checking for updates! I LOVE your blog!! =)

Myya said...

Ahhh my name in lights, I'm a rockstar! Can't wait for new pics, I love seeing your pics! I haven't been the best blogger lately. I have 3 posts that I really want to do but who knows if I'll get to them. I've been reading my fellow bloggers days late, this is so not like me. It's Summer, that is TOTALLY my excuse!

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