Thursday, June 10, 2010

"You have that glow about you..."

So yeah, I work with some really sweet people.

...and as that could be taken sarcastically, it's not. I actually do mean it in a good way...this time.

One of my co-workers walked in this morning, the convo went something like this...

Co-worker - "So, I have to ask you something, because I have noticed a difference in you lately."
Me - "Ohhhh-k, go for it."
Co-worker - "I have noticed a certain glow about you..."
Me - "Oh??"
Co-worker - "Yeah, like a glow people speak of when someone is, well you know...sooo...are you?"
Me - "Well, nope. I am not. *smile* We are and have been desperately trying, but no luck yet. We may be amping up the possibilities more soon, so maybe it's just a pre-glow...a glow of anticipation!"
Co-worker - "Oh, that must be it! Well then I hope it happens soon, so good luck...I figured I would ask."

It was actually a pretty cute conversation, especially seeing as how it was coming from a male co-worker...and I think that would be scary territory for most men. I certainly took no offense to it. At least he didn't point to my stomach and ask when I was due...that may have left the conversation a little less appealing in my memory!! :P

As far as the pregnancy subject goes...we may be getting close to trying some other options. We have done some soul searching and have decided to keep it as private a matter as possible, as opposed to times before where I felt like everyone knew what was going on and we kind of lost any chance of an element of surprise. So, just keep us in your prayers. We desperately want to be parents, in God's right timing and we continue to remain optimistic and have faith that in time, God will give us the desires of our heart.

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Myya said...

That gave me goodbumps. Really what a sweet conversation, especially with a guy! Your family is in my prayers.

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