Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 before 30 Update

It's about that time again...to update you on the status of my 30 Before 30 list...Here's how we're lookin'!!

  1. Finish all drywalling in the basement. *Ahhh so close it hurts. Bring on the cold weather so Husby will retreat indoors and we can finish it all! Everything is completely insulated, and drywall is starting to be hung!
  2. Recover a chair. *I went from a bench to a bench AND a chair...both have been painting...next coat this week (when it stops raining) then time to recover!
  3. Complete our Master Bedroom. (Paint, Furniture & Decor) 
  4. Sew a dress for myself.
  5. Make Sushi from scratch. *Why do I keep pushing this goal? Am I secretly afraid? Oh no...that's right...I'm too stinkin' busy! :P
  6. Get pregnant.
  7. Pay off Credit Cards.
  8. Print out photobooks of my favorite photos. *still working on this
  9. Have a Family Photo taken. Husby and I...and us with the Pups. *Christmas maybe? *sigh*
  10. Grow vegetables.
  11. Learn how to use my DSLR in manual mode. 
  12. Start journaling.
  13. Lose 20+ pounds. *I am steady at 12 pounds lost. Need to get my butt in gear before I go into hibernation mode.
  14. Make new curtains for my kitchen.
  15. Successfully launch my Photography business...aePhotography.
  16. Grow out my hair. *I am calling this one complete...I have officially had my hair trimmed twice since I made this list, so I think I am on the road to longer hair.
  17. Bake my own bread.
  18. Surprise Husby at least once a month with something fun. August,September, October, November, *working on December's surprise
  19. Create our "Family Story" wall. *Designing it now. Shelves are next...
  20. Organize and add shelving to our Master Bedroom Closet.
  21. Hit 35,000 visitors on our Blog. *Getting so close...almost at 30,800!!
  22. Successfully keep an Orchid for more than 30 days.
  23. Have a successful Yard Sale.
  24. Paint a picture.
  25. Slow dance with Husby.
  26. Go to a show on Broadway.
  27. Hold a puppy.
  28. Make a necklace.
  29. Grow Peonies.
  30. Get Husby to dress up for Halloween. *Well...we didn't get this one done :(

So...not much action...but we are sputtering our way through it...

*9 down...21 to go.


Myya said...

You are making progress girl! Yay you!!!

Many Titles said...

I am down for some sushi soon!!!!! Can you just find the dynamite roll recipe please, that stuff is delicious!!!!

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