Monday, November 08, 2010

No, we don't have the crazies...

Husby and I are seeing a Counselor.

I know what your thinking...but you're incorrect...

Nothings wrong.

We are fine.


We just LOVE seeing a Counselor. We have always thought of counseling as kind of preventative maintenance for our Marriage. Kind of like how you get your oil changed in your car, get your tires rotated, etc. It's a good idea to do the same with your Marriage on in your single life.

We would honestly recommend counseling to everyone...single or married.

Enter Jane. She's our Counselor. We love her long time. She's awesome. For reals.

She suits us so's really uncanny at times.

We went to her about 4 years ago for some preventative maintenance for our 3rd/4th year of marriage...and we loved it. It's amazing to see how much goes unnoticed in a marriage. How much you just gloss over. It's really interesting to have a completely unbiased person look at you and say...Well, have you thought about this? or that?

It's...beyond helpful. We went in thinking we had our communication down to a fine art, only to be shown otherwise. There were plenty of things we just never brought up to the other person or things that we just pushed aside that should have been dealt with.

It was refreshing and rejuvenating and challenging.

Then...we stopped going.

And after 4 years we sat down and realize that we couldn't quite figure out why we stopped going. Who knows...we probably got busy...found something else to spend the money on, etc. So we said...let's go back.

And here we are.

It's been over a month...and our pattern works a little like this...

Couple Session
April Session
Husby Session
Couple Session
April Session
Husby Session...

You get the picture?

I know that people probably must think we are nuts for how much we LOVE counseling; but to those people I would just ask this very question...what's stopping you?

I know most people are afraid. Afraid of what it will uncover. Afraid of how it will stretch them. But don't be.

Husby and I firmly agree that everyone should go to counseling at least for a season of every year. Especially while preparing for a marriage (engagement), after being married, while parents and those trying to become parents...while looking for a new job...when your retiring, etc. It really is...that...helpful.

Jane makes us think...about the easy stuff...about the hard stuff...all of it. She reads our body language, those silent clues that tell her so much more than we even think we are saying. Sometimes the things she mean...we are like "how'd you get in my head?"

We would be naive to think that over the past 7 1/2 years of marriage...having a Husby on midnights hasn't effected me, or being a Police Officer and seeing what he sees, just doesn't effect Husby. Or battling infertility for over 4 years just doesn't impact us. PPSSHHHHHH...whatever. It SO does. There are just no if, ands or buts about it.

Truth is we are all going through something. Did you know that even a good long streak of GOOD THINGS can impact you in ways you wouldn't imagine?

*sigh* I'll step down from my soapbox now...but hear me on this...If you haven't ever, or aren't currently in counseling...look into it.

Really look into it.

For those that attend church with us...the counseling center there is amazing. That's where we met Jane. They work on a sliding don't think you are walking into paying hundreds per hour...not even close. We told her what we could afford and that's what we pay. Not a cent more.

Do it. Grab your spouse and go to counseling; if your spouse won't go with you...go alone...the benefits are so worth it. Get off your single butt and go to counseling; I know it sounds scary...but you will learn so much about yourself!

Do it.


Summerly Joy said...

I love everything about counseling! It is super challenging and life changing.

Myya said...

Good for you guys!!!

Myya said...

Oh & I totally cracked up at your Love her long time comment. ha ha ha

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