Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is it too early for this?

All I want for Christmas...

It's just a few things...

A Silhouette SD

On the link above you can get it for as cheap as $183 with shipping! That's almost $100 savings!! :)

A Panini Grill


I like these two...Cuisinart Griddler and West Bend...Bed, Bath & Beyond has both...and remember to USE a coupon! :)

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume

There are some great deals on eBay for the 3.4 fl oz. or the Travel size. :) hey, a deals a deal!

A Mouse Detail Sander

Hey...this girl has some furniture remodeling to do! :) 

I would love this Apron in Baroque! :) So cute and it even comes in this little box! :)

I totally want one of these babies! A Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet. It will be SO useful for editing after about an hour my wrist and hand is cramping up! :)
What's even better is that I found it on Amazon. for about $15 cheaper than other places and FREE shipping with the super saver shipping discount! :)

I don't have a picture or suggestion, but I would also like a Terabyte External Hard Drive. :) I am lovin' the "Clickfree" brand.

I have MORE to come...but this is just a taste of what I am hoping for!  :)


Many Titles said...

Oh no its never too early to be making a list!!!! I spent my day at work putting together Christmas trees so I am really in the mood!! I am just surprised you only have that few on your list!

Myya said...

It's never too early for "the list". That way no one can say they didn't know what to get you. I've already started for my girls... not that it will save me from rushing at the last minute. :)

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