Friday, November 19, 2010

How would I spend...


Gosh. So...if I had no debt that cried out to be paid off with the $'s how I would spend it.

First off:
I would get the Silhouette SD. I want one so badly...but it's like too big for a once at a time purchase with a holiday or just everyday...

See...this would set me back $299.99.

Oh and I would need some rolls of vinyl and some of the other fun stuff to go along with it...
Maybe 3 rolls of vinyl $23.97

Two rolls of heat transfer paper $30.00
The Magnet paper is pretty sweet $9.99
There goes another $63.96

Then I would want to set aside at least $300 for some updates to my wardrobe. Including new bras.  

Don't even get me started on how much the good ones cost and how much I am willing to's a sickness really, but I can't help it!

Then I want to purchase my night stands from IKEA to complete my bedroom suite.

There goes $119.98.

So then, gosh let's see I have $216.07 left...

I think there is a part of my that really wants to buy a dress-form. So I can make my own dresses, skirts and shirts.

So there I am looking at around $125 if I got it on the cheap.

Now, I would love to find a good pair of cute boots that fit my ever so muscular/big calves, and that looked good on it.

Those would probably set me back about $65, after doing a quick search for prices.

So I am left with $26.07. And I really didn't account for taxes, shipping, etc. So all my money is spent.

And I am sure if you asked me on another day I could probably come up with a TON of other things I wanted to spend $1000 on.

But for would YOU spend $1000? Go ahead post it and link back to this post so I can see!

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