Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We are decorating the house for Christmas this year. Something we haven't done for almost three years.

We aren't grinches or anything. It's just that we spend most of the Holidays at Friends and Families homes that there doesn't seem like there's a need to.

But this year...Husby and I are exchanging gifts again. We missed it too much. (but we do have a limit!)

And I want a little Christmas cheer around the home. I want to start now.

But I have a strict No-Decorating-before-Thanksgiving rule. Doing so seems like I'm rushing it.

But we are doing it. Putting up the tree. Laying out the Dining Room Decor.

I'd also really like to make something like these for my table...

Adorable right? Maybe Goodwill has some cheapy candlestick holders that I could spray paint...hmmmm. Oh and check out the tutorial for Napkin Snowballs.

Got any Christmas Decor projects to share?


Myya said...

Do you have a Ross or TJ Maxx? They might have some for reasonable prices. Those are super cute, can't wait to see pics of all your decorations... you MUST post pictures!!! :)

Laura Darling said...

I say go to HomeGoods if you have one near you. I was there the other day and they stuff is amazing! And cheap! Have fun!

Many Titles said...

I like the picture frame in the background with the tree sketched on!!! LOVE IT!!!

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