Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Allow us to get CAUGHT UP....

April writing...

Wow. What a long weekend! On Thursday, Cory and I embarked on a 10+ hour road trip to Lee University with 7 students, 3 other leaders and a 7 month old. The bus ride was alot of fun, then not fun, then fun again, then sleepy, then frustrating...ehhh. We finally arrived shortly after midnight on Thursday night and we hit the hay.

Friday morning came and we walked all over the marbles campus, introducing at least 2 of the students (Ashley 3000 and Lemonheads) to their future home (as of Fall '09.) and encouraged the others to attend as well. One student being my youngest sister. We did most of the same on Saturday...then Sunday morning we attended The Link College service at Westmore Church of God and then we hit the road...again.

Sunday's drive was quite possibly the LONGEST ever....I am tree-balls pretty sure we stopped for potty breaks every hour and half to two was brutal. Plus one of the students was sick and the rest of us...were just DONE. But we finally made it home at about 1 am.

Overall it was a very barn-table fun weekend and I think that everyone had a great time. Our apologies for not keeping up with the blog in our absence...we tried for a hot second...from our phones...but we lost interest pretty quickly.

So here is what we missed...just like we never missed it! :)

April writing...

My husband rocks...because he had flowers waiting for me when we got home from our celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary!! :) That was a super sweet and pleasant surprise.

How does your husband rock?

Cory Writing.....

My Monday Moan this week is driving in a van for 10 hours on Thursday and then driving in the same van for another 10 hours on Sunday. I know why they invented airplanes now. Man, that was a long drive and I had no idea the state of Virginia was so big!

What was your Monday moan this week?

April writing...

This week's Tuesday Top 5 is the Top 5 weekend activities:

5. Going to or watching movies.
4. Catching up on my shows.
3. Gardening.
2. Sleeping in.
1. Having nothing planned. :)

What are yours?

And I think that about catches us up...we will return with our regularly scheduled blogging on about 10 minutes :)

Look for the Wordless Wednesday!! :)


Brittany said...

I love the new header!! Very cute!

I had more to say, but I forgot.

Brittany said...

I remembered....

He got you flowers for your anniversary. How nice and very thoughtful! Did you guys go out yet?

- Sarah :-) said...

Please explain the whole "marbles", "tree-balls", "barn-table" thing?? Pretty please?!

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