Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Moan

Cory Writing...

My Monday Moan actually happened today while I was out running an errand. I was headed to Home Depot on Ordnance Road and as I was headed there, I was passing the Motor Vehicle Administration. I remembered that I needed more applications for the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial tags I am in charged of, so I have the brilliant idea to stop in real quick (which is usually quick, because I go straight upstairs bypassing the lines) and grab another handful of applications. I find a parking space, which is a moan in itself, but I digress.

I am standing in line (where there is normally never a line), but I am only the third person. I patiently wait my turn and then the lady that works there approached me.

MVA Lady: What do you need?

Me: I need to get Organizational Plate applications for my organization I am the representative.

MVA Lady: No your not....what is your name? Where is your ID?

Me: My name is Cory ..... (she cuts me off I am thinking in my mind, "How you going to tell me who I am and who I am not, you don't know me.)

MVA Lady: Hold on let me go get the book. (she walks away, she gets the book and I approach the desk where she is looking at it.)
What are the letters of your organization?

Me: The letters on the license plate are LEM.

MVA Lady: LEM or LEP

Me: LEM ....M as in Mary. (though, how do you get P out of M... but whatever)

MVA Lady: Oh I see you name here ..... let me see some ID

(I pull out my driver's license and hold it over the counter so she can see it with my finger on the top of the license.)

(She's now looking at my license bopping her head back and forth, I think maybe the light is giving the license a glare so I tip the license down a bit)


(I moved my finger thinking lady I am not in the mood for you to be yelling at me, but I knew I wasn't in a position to win an argument so I let it go.)

MVA Lady: Hold on (walks away) and comes back with the packet.

Me: Have a nice day ma'am.

When I got back to my car I had to call my wife and vent. I was freakin' steaming.

What is your Monday Moan today?


Brittany said...

Um,...... wow. There are some seriously demented people in this state. So rude!

My Monday moan are ignorant people who can't seem to pick up their own dogs poop. I enjoy my walks and love being able to be outside and enjoy the outdoors. But how can you enjoy the outdoors when you are having to constantly look at the sidewalk because people are too lazy to even drag their dogs in the grass. Seriously people, don't buy a dog if you can't pick up after it.

Angie said...

And most of the seriously demented people work at MVA! I think they have to take a DEMENTED class to work there. HAHHAH

Becky said...

I'm way late and my moan is more of a week long moan as it has been on going this entire week. I started a new job, not one that I really wanted, but one that I really needed. Anyway, been there almost 2 weeks and this one lady I work with seriously makes me hate my job when she is around; and it's pretty sad that this is my feeling after only a couple weeks. I swear she has snapped at me more times than I care to count and over little things that I have no control over! HELLO Bueller!! I'm NEW!!! I'm very close to asking her who pee'd in her cheerios and why she's taking it out on me? Seriously, like Brittany said; there are some seriously demented people in this state...and might I add; world!!!

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