Monday, April 27, 2009

What the ???

April writing...

Cause there isn't much else to do today...I figured I would share some "what the heck" kinda news stories with you...check it.

In order from "what the..." to "you have GOT to be kidding me!"

3. Stillborn baby survives for 6 hours in hospital freezer alive...then dies.
(Hold you are saying...the Doctor says, "she's stillborn." Like not alive. They put her in the morgue freezer...find her alive 6 hours later...but then she dies...again. That's just horrible. That pooooor family!! I think I would almost NOT want to know what happened.)

2. Parents sue Doctor after IVF cycle results in 2 babies...not 1.
(again...what?! I mean...did you NOT know there was a chance of that? They want extra money for the extra cost of raising another baby. They make over $80k a year...get over yourselves.)

Now this one...really takes the cake...
1. Body of a deceased boy, takes a "stand" at his wake.
(for reals??? Yep. *and there is a picture to prove it.* Apparently it was his last wish. That's eerie and odd and creepy. I wouldn't have been caught dead....err...alive...errr standing or that wake. Eww.)

So there you have it...some wonderfully odd news to get you through the day. It takes all kinds...

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Becky said...

In order:

Story 1: I feel very sad for the family. I could not imagine.

Story 2: Only in America are people sue happy. I mean seriously, that's like someone suing over being told you can get lung cancer from smoking; you get lung cancer but it's still the cig company's fault. UM! Helloooo!!! You knew what could have happen when you decided to do IVF...and you make 80k a year! Please go cry poor mouth somewhere else!!

Story 3: That's just, yeah! No! I don't care if that is your last wish; that's just creepy!

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