Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Wish List

It's about that time...well...that time is drawing near shall we say...

My birthday is nearly 27+ days away! :) Yips! I lurve my birthday...even though I will be 29 this year....*gasp*

I was thinkin' of a few things that I would LOVE for my birthday...(this could get dangerous) but here's what I came up with!

I would LOVE my Camera for my birthday...

I found it for $619 here. For $629 here. And for $699 here. Not too shabby.

Or you can get me my Ikea Bedroom Furniture... :)

I would really like a Steam Mop too...although I haven't decided on which one...hmmm...

If not my CAMERA, Bedroom Furniture or my Steam Mop then I would be just as happy to recieve Gift Certificates/Cards to the following places:

Some of these items may also be nice :)

Cory and I saw one of these recently...looks super cool and YUMMY! A ZOKU pop maker!

A "Starry Night" Rogue phone cover! AHHHH! This is my favorite painting!!

Oh and I really need spools of thread or cone spools and this cone thread holder or this cone/spool rack!

An Aero-Garden...aren't they cool?!

Anywho...making birthday wish lists are fun...a girl can dream right?!


babysharpe said...

starry night phone case! nice find! ;)

Many Titles said...

i feel overwhelmed now. So many choices!!!!

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