Saturday, April 03, 2010

I'm Loving it

There are some great things to love this week...this post is's what I've found...

This great Liberty of London bowl creative!

(image courtesy of Home In the Country)

I have run across a few great tutorials to perk up your pillows too...lovin' them!

(image courtesy of Tater Tots and Jello)

And this pleated pillow!!! Looks so elegant!

(image courtesy of Make It and Love It)

I am lovin' these little grass planters in all styles...perfect for Springtime!

(images courtesy of "Table Setting" - Me and My Insanity, "Terrarium" - A Soft Place to Land,
"Grass Tins" - Design Mom, and "Egg Basket" - Granville House.)! It makes me want to have a special Easter party, just so I can make them!! How great are these little nests, made from chow mein noodles (in a rice crispy treat recipe) and candy eggs!!

(image courtesy of Me and My Insanity)

and for my last trick...check out THIS super cute idea!!! I am totally lovin' it!!

(image courtesy of Young House Love)

There is so much to love out there...what are you lovin' this week!?


Many Titles said...

Ha ha!!!!! I totally know how to make the buds on the first pillow you showed. We called them yo-yos and i used to make blankets and tablecloths with them.

- Sarah :-) said...

I am planning to make that pleated pillow from MIALI. I DO love it! And those edible egg nests is actually something I saw on HGTV not long ago. SOO cute and I have been meaning to try it, but no real reason to need to (and I'm all about needing a reason).

Good times!

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