Saturday, April 24, 2010

a SYTYCD twist!!!

So....I am pumped now....

So You Think You Can Dance
has decided to add a twist to Season 7 premiering on May 27th! Each one of these dancers from the past 6 seasons will be paired up with a different finalist each week.

Here are the 12 dancers that have been chosen...

Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval

Ade Obayomi

Mark Kanemura

Kathryn McCormick

Pasha Kovalev

Allison Holker

Neil Haskell

Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Lauren Gottlieb

Courtney Galiano

Anya Garnis

Comfort Fedoke

I tell you what...I am SO happy that Dominic (AHHHH love him!!) will be there...and tWitch, Neil and Lauren...oh and Anya and Pasha (swoooooon!!!)

I think I am already loving this new TWIST!!! What are your thoughts? What do you think about the Alumni group they picked??


babysharpe said...

OH MY GOSH! i am SO SO SO SO excited! i cannoott contain it! :) neil! :) twitch! dom! aahh!

Many Titles said...

Just knowing that I get to see Dom again makes me so stinkin' happy...... He just makes that show for me.

But come on people.... Comfort? No thank you!

Myya said...

You totally just made my day! Only thing I am bummed about is that I have to wait another month uggghhh! The prior dancers they chose are pretty good for the most part. Not sure about Comfort, I wasn't a fan of her on her season. I sooooo would have LOVED to see Travis or Legacy back... ahhhh that would have been awesome! Thanks for the update, REALLY looking forward to the new season : )

:) Miranda said...

pasha, dom and and lauren I am soooo stinking excited for!!:) yay!

Brandy said...

MARK AND COURTNEY!!!! AGAIN!!!!! OH MY GODDNESS!!!!!!!!!!! sorry can you tell I am a little excited, not so excited about Comfort.

April E. :) said...

Yes I agree! BOO Comfort...seriously I would have been FINE with ALL of them...but then they threw in Comfort. Uggg, I hope she is gone FAST!

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