Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a Cop's mentality...

I started thinking today...Husby says some pretty funny/interesting things; and I am pretty sure I can chalk it all up to being part of the "Cop's mentality."

He calls people he comes into contact with at work such names as "hoodlehead" and "yay-hoos."
I guess he has to come up with some names since he doesn't use foul language...but these two crack me up!

Do your Officers have such names? Probably worse??! :)

Then there are the sayings...

When there is something going wrong that he doesn't want to deal with..."Can't see it from my front door."
When someone approaches him with a last minute request..."Your failure to plan is not my emergency."
When some gets their pants in a bunch..."Oh, He/She's got the same pants to get happy in."

...to many of these sayings I normally reply with a "oh isn't that sweet babe!" haha!

Do your Officers have any funny sayings?

It's funny to see how the Cops mentality or sense of cynicism changes them over the years! Share your stories!


Mama Hen said...

Haha! So true. OH has plenty of little "copism's", although the one that has started to grate on me is the word "douche". Everyone is one. Every. One. In front of the kids he started saying "ska-doosh" because you know ... he's sneaky like that. LOL! I suppose there are much worse things he could be saying, huh?!

April E. :) said...

Oh that cracks me UP! You see...we don't use foul language, so we have found words like that to basically do the same thing for us...well that was one for me! It just WORKS...but we put it on our "No Say" list...haha!

Rebecca said...

Funny pants those are great. My Cop has code words he uses. Like if 22 is the code for loony bin. He would say yeah, that person is a 22. It's true things change but I think it's great that you keep a sense of humor about it. Love the emergency last min request one. Blaaah! :-)

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