Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Someone

I am taking a cue from ShortMama and trying something new...writing letters...very important ones! :)


Dear CoWorker,

It seems to me that you like to come up to my desk, my area; my office and eat your breakfast or hold conversations with other co-workers or even with me about things we have talked about plenty of times before. I know it seems as though I sit in the front "lobby" of our office and it seems as though I am merely a robot greeter with no personal space...this is however, not the case.

Kindly take your banana and your polite conversation about whatever random topic you pull from your tookus and head back to your know the one that has walls and privacy?!

The happy-go-lucky-open-aired-office Receptionist


Dear Husby,

It looks like you think it's funny to take pictures of the empty toilet paper roll to make your sweet little wifey feel guilty for leaving it empty in her rush to get out of the house this morning...and while it was remotely humorous...please remember I am going to be late for my own when I am late for work, I don't have time for piddly things such as replacing the TP roll...sorry, even in all my remorse, I don't see this changing soon.

Your smart-mouthed Wifey


Dear Passive-Aggressive Facebook Friends,

I am not sure I agree with your passive-aggressive ways on the Internet; nor do I think that FB is the best place to air your smiley comments under toned with sarcasm and spite...I think it's rude and un-called for...most of us are adults, let's try acting that way. If you have a problem, say so...although, don't do it like I did; by running off to your blog to write about it...when the majority of the PAFB-friends won't be reading it anytime soon. :)

From your apparently passive-aggressive in her own right Bloggy friend


Dear Food Lion Deli Lady,

When asked if you will be serving any fresh rotisserie chickens anytime soon, please don't respond with "You don't see any running around here do ya? *chuckle, chuckle*" I don't so much find it funny, I just want my rotisserie chicken.

Got it?
Your very hungry patron


That was quite liberating! Not sure how often I will do it...WELL, you should give it a try!!


Many Titles said...

HA HA HA! I am loving this!! Especially about the toilet paper and the Deli lady. Do more of these please!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

You know, I almost left a passive-aggressive comment on my FB page the other day... literally, and then I thought about it and didn't do it. So I am only half-shamed-faced at your letter (which is totally right on, by the way; had I gone through with my snarky plan, I would have been-- knowingly-- out of line).


Summerly Joy said...

Loved this. However I felt like I fall under the PAFB. I am sorry for my sarcasm.

MrsKristinClark said...

And the PAFB was PERFECT!!!

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