Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dishin' It

So I was reading over at Tatertots & Jello and she did a special "Dishin' It" post thanks to Serenity Now... I wanted in on the action too! This will be a monthly special and this month Amanda wants to know about our here goes!!

~How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since late 2007. I can't even really remember why I started...I think it was because I wanted a place to share pictures and stories for my distant family and friends to to have it as a creative outlet!

~Why did you start blogging?

Ahh, fail. I answered this one be creative and keep in touch with family and friends. Although it has grown into something much bigger than cheap therapy!

~Tell me about your blog's title. Why did you choose it?

Well, It is connected to our last name...and we always have good times. Husby and I do alot of laughing and growing together! So I wanted the name to reflect that!

~What do you blog about?

I'd be lying if I didn't everything. I mean I hit on the random, DIY, Home Improvement, Decorating, Arguments, Police Work, Clothes, Fashion, Dogs, Infertility, Photography, Food, etc. I try not to limit myself :) Nothing is off limits.

~What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I really love meeting new people and having a place to go to just get things out of my head. Plus all my memories and funny stories are in one location. One day I may even make a Blurb book from my blog...hmmm ideas!!!??

~If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next devoted reader, who would you pick?

I would love to know there are some semi-famous photographers that will random happen on my blog, see my photography potential and offer to give me the new camera I want...well, a girl can dream right?! :P

~What's the funniest comment you've ever received on a blog post?

I think it was somewhere near the beginning of my blogging journey and I had a random person come by and tell me that while she was reading the story I was writing about it made her spew milk from her nose all over her laptop...this in turn, made me laugh out loud nearly spitting out the water I was drinking!

Ok, so I guess that's all about it's YOUR turn!!! Head over to Amanda's and get in on the action!!


Melissa said...

Great intro post! It's good to meet you! I know what you mean about blogging because it's a place to get things out of your head. Some days I wake up with words swirling around my head, and (for some strange reason) Hubby doesn't like to hear them at 5:30 in the morning!

jenjen said...

It was fun reading more about you! I like your blog title - very cool!


Nancy said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! You have a cute blog. I enjoyed the "funny comment" story! lol!


Jennifer said...

Hi! Stopping by from Amanda's party (and your hello to me earlier, thank you very much!). Nice meeting you. This has been fun visiting everyone's blogs.
I noticed at the bottom of your post in the section that suggests other previous posts there was one for the Old Spice you, I think it is SO funny...had to watch it. LOL, thanks for giving me a laugh this evening :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, April! I'm so glad you popped over by way of Jen's. :) I have a pretty random blog too...I don't think I could limit myself to one title--I'd run out things to say after a few posts. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by to link up. I hope you're having a good time "mingling." :)

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Great to meet you! Looking forward to going through some of your old posts!

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

I stopped by from the party,

Like your spot... am reading your archives on DIY and H.I.

Thanks for visiting my spot.

FrouFrouBritches said...

You sound like me! You want a new camera and I want Paula Deen to build me a new kitchen! HA! I'm with ya. Every girl needs a dream!

Southerner said...

Hi, see you like coupon shopping like me! So good to meet you and all your randomness. I am like all over the place with my posts, too.

Erin said...

That comment is way funny! Nice to meet you.

Missus@ Escape to the Farm said...

Hi there! Just stopping by from Amanda's party.

I love the "writing" fonts on your blog; it seems to make it more personal, like a note from a friend.

Happy blogging!

Amber said...

Fun blog! My blog is random too - but mostly about my son. I can't help it he's just too cute :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your house transformation pictures! I love a good before and after :)

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