Friday, April 02, 2010

I just blinked...

...and we have 20,000+ visitors!!! I am ecstatic to see how well the blog had taken off! I hope you enjoy dropping by to read as much as I love blogging!!

There is alot more to come in the next week...Husby and I are off together all this next week and we have alot of things planned... Anniversary trip to the Hotel Monaco in Baltimore.
...hanging crown molding in the living room and dining room.
...painting the master bedroom.
...some outdoor work.

I am hoping to get it all done...if not, if all we do is get the trip and crown molding done and just be together for the rest of it...I am totally fine with that too!!

Anywho...thanks for coming by and helping us get to 20,000+ visitors!! Make sure we know you dropped by...leave us a comment!!

1 comment:

flask said...

i came late to the party, but i'm here.

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