Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am not ashamed to say it...

I like the Hanson boys...and this song is SUPER fun!

Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

HANSON | MySpace Music Videos

Seriously! Tell me you don't feel like breaking on in a dance like the peeps in this video like RIGHT now!!! :)

...and yes...that's Weird Al on the tambourine...that's only semi-creepy :P


Anonymous said...

I love this video, and I'm a huge Weird Al fan, but on this one, I think Al's wardrobe and hair person should have been sent back for a re-think. I ascribe the creepiness entirely to "creepy wig syndrome." Al in plain black, or jeans and a t shirt, with his own hair, gyrating like a crazy thing would still have been funny.

Many Titles said...

I didn't even see Weird Al, I was looking to see how much the brothers looked like their younger self's. Very cute video!

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