Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Blinds??

So back in January...we talked about, then we added some super cheap thank you Tarjay blinds to our bedroom and we LOVE them...but are they a good idea for our Living Room??

Let's dive in shall we?

Well, we had our curtains down in the living room recently when we were repainting the trim in our living room...
which by the way...doesn't the brighter trim look amazing! I really notice the difference, Husby...not so much.

...we repainted the window trims, doors and baseboard trim...I think it looks ahh-mazing!

Moving on...Here is the living room without curtains...

Do you SEE all that gorgeous light?!?!? Ugh...I LOVE it! It's beautiful even with no flash...

Anywhooss...Husby said that we should take away our full-length eternally closed curtains and replace them with blinds since I enjoy the light so much. I immediately ruled it out...with the following reasoning's:
  • We will have to open and close the blinds at least twice a day to enjoy the light...cause they won't be open in the evening for all the world to see in...and yes, I know people do that...cause I do that! :P This is one of the reasons the curtains stay closed all the time, because I hate having to open and close them and fix the tab top on the curtains to be evenly separated...call it the OCD in me.
  • I think the windows will look naked with only blinds and no curtains. So then, once we add curtains too, won't it look too heavy?
  • Then if we add curtains, to we just drape along the top and hang down only on the sides? How long to we hang down on the sides, to the window sill? To the ground? Keep them behind curtain hooks??
See my dilemma?

So I did what I do best...I ran to photoshop for a little visualization. Now I am no photoshop pro, but here is what I cam up with.

Front windows without blinds...

Now the front windows with half and full blind combination's...

Then we have the side windows without curtains...

Should we do it?
Should we add blinds & curtains?
How do we hang our curtains?
Stay with white curtains?

Oye...my tummy hurts already.

Come on people...I really need your help here! :P


mrsprophet said...

We just did that to our big living room windows...tom put up new window trim and blinds and we have decorative curtians on the side...its amazing I love it so much

shortmama said...

We do blinds and curtains...heres why though. We live in AZ and it is hot. We need to keep the heat out in the summer...so blinds are almost essential. And blinds without curtains can get boring after a while. In the summer time I can only open the blinds after about 3 when the sun is no longer at the front of the house. The back of our house has a covered deck on it so direct sunlight doesnt come in. I leave those blinds open all the time. In the winter though I leave the blinds open all day and close them in the evening. With curtains on the windows if you have blinds, you can just always leave the curtains open instead of opening and closing them all the time. Make sense? Sorry I wrote a novel!

Cre8tivemom said...

WE have blinds only in the living room, I want them throughout the house, but it's not in the budget right now. I like have curtains too, although I don't think that I would do white on white, maybe you could do white with a green accent or something.....just a thought.

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