Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going GREEN & yellow, pink, red, purple....

I want to garden like now; but I seemed to have misplaced the money for it. Well, ok; so I didn't misplace's just allocated

That doesn't mean I can't gaze longingly into the eyes of my Michigan Bulb Co. catalog with anticipation for the garden that my yard will ONE day have!!

Last year I dreamt of my garden plans...(some of the same plants are on this post!)
I got a jump on planning this year...

So why not keep the ball are some of my favorites from the catalog:

Climbing Joseph's Coat Rose...

I think these would be gorgous in a garden! What I would love to do is find an old wooden ladder kinda like this one, but maybe white...

Then I would plant the roses all around it and let them climb and grow on it...*le sigh*

Oh and I love these too... Meadowsweet and Cloud Meadow Rue.

And one day...I WILL have my full, glorious Hydrangea bushes!

Here are some other cuties...Summer Cheer Daffodils, Rainbow Lewisia and Canterbury Bells.

I think these would make great unique additions...Oriental Poppies and Double Anemones.

Can we start...NOW?!?! :)

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Many Titles said...

oooh those looked great! And I think the ladder is a really cute idea too!

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