Friday, August 01, 2008


April writing...

I'm taking a cue from Sarah and using a song lyric in my blog title. And yes, that was N'Sync my friends. Don't pretend you don't know at least one of their songs. (I've got your number!) haha!

Well, I fear that my slight boredom at work only creates new hobbies for me. haha! Well, let me not go so far as to say a NEW hobby, but at least a new sub-hobby.

Digital Scrapbooking.

As many of you know, I am an avid scrapbooker. (although, sadly I haven't don't much of that lately. But that is about to change!) And I have always loved the look of some of the digital scrapbooking pages. What's the difference you ask? Well...the main difference is...regular scrapbooking pages are done with real paper and embellishments and printed photos. While digital scrapbooking pages are done with well, basically clip art paper, embellishments and photos on the computer.

Here you have a regular scrapbook page:

Here you have a digital scrapbook page:

Now, if you look close you can see differences...but only a few and only if you look close. ha :) But here is where I am struggling to decide if this is an avenue I want to travel.

You see, I LOVE showing off my scrapbook pages. In order to do that you have to have them in books so you can carry them to show people...get my drift? Well, with digital scrapbooking. All of my pages would be on the computer. And then what? I mean, yeah...I could post them to my blog...but only so big. And yeah I could get them printed...but 8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 prints are going to be pretty pricey I would imagine. So that limits my 'showing off' abilities. Don't ya think?

So help me out...worth it? Not worth it? Maybe just dabble in it a bit? Oh my...what to do.

In other news....(oh I just love saying that) IT'S FRIDAY!!! I am so pleased with this. haha. I am not completely sure what I am doing with my entire weekend, there are some aspects planned already though. I know tonight is Brittany's Shower invite assembly night :) And I will get caught up on some shows. Like "Hopkins" which I love. Of course I am a sucker for medically related shows anyways. Tomorrow. I know that there is sleeping in on the schedule (love it) and then lunch with Jill and maybe Sarah...then in the evening Dinner with Jason and Brittany. Church on Sunday and again on Monday. Bleeeehhhh.

Well work is frying my brain today...just sitting here and I am getting dumber apparently. You see I received a 'do this it's fun' email. Well let's just say...SCRABBLE is not SCATTERGORIES April!!! I'm an idiot. Oh well...of for more fun. Later Gators!


Kevin Davis said...

I'm proud to say I can't name or sing the catch line of one n'sync song. Thanks for helping me realize that I'm cooler than I thought.

- Sarah :-) said...

#1 - I think that Kevin Davis is lying, and just doesn't realize that he knows WAY many cool N'SYNC songs, and just doesn't know it's them.


#2 - I STILL do not understand how you mixed up Scattergories and scrabble, but I think it's hilarious that you actually made an "April" Scrabble board on the computer. ha ha ha

megsnbigd said...

Ok, so, no to digital scrapbooking. For everything you said. It's one of my issues with Blogging. Now I have to go through and back up all my stuff or these random stories about the kids will one day be my vote is no. All that work with scrapbooking and you can't even hold it in your hand. There is something to be said for resisting technology in this case!

Goldie said...

I love digital scrap booking. It makes it so easy when you are crunched for time. I did one of Dave's venture of camping out at Chik-fil-a and then one of our wedding. I am trying to do our honeymoon, but that is a lot of picutures. Depending on my mood I like to do both digital or manual.

I also have been doing just pages and havign them printed out and putting them directly into scrap books. They are also for picture frames.

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