Monday, August 18, 2008

What a weekend!

April writing...

Friday afternoon, I was picked up from work and whisked away on a Youth Leadership weekend in Frederick, MD. I was prepared for this and pretty excited! We got into our FARMHOUSE and got settled into our bunk beds, then we headed down for dinner and our first meetings. And that about wraps up the weekend...eating...meeting...and laughing! ha! (well you could probably say tooting too) haha!

No really, we got a TON of stuff accomplished and discussed. We are all pretty amped about the upcoming year and what God has in store for the VERB Youth Ministry! I am just praying that we can really get the kiddos behind it all and get them amped too! We talked about everything from how to get students in from the community all the way down to getting them into peer leadership. It's a long trek for most of them, but we plan to be there and encourage them the entire way!

We also did the ropes course together as a team. And I have one word for ya...Ouch. Seriously. I bit it on the little trapeze-balancing-triangle-thingee. I was getting farther than any one else had so far, and I was really concentrating and trying to reach the end. I got halfway through the really wobbly or rather jiggly line and lost my balance. I should have let go of the rope and caught myself on my feet (we were only like 3 feet in the air). but instead I held on for dear life (cause that is what my brain was telling my body to do) and I flew around, eventually landing on what was thought to be my pretty padded backside, then I proceeded to slam and bounce my head on the ground...thus letting go of the rope finally. Ouch. When I opened my eyes I see little heads bouncing into my view standing over me asking if I was ok. I was ok, but immediately sore and pretty dizzy. When I sat up it hit me how much that hurt and I did cry a little...I am not a wuss...but it did get me a little.

So then I went to nurse my wounds sitting on the balance floor. Brandy came and joined me, sitting on the other side of the floor and we balanced it out. That was until she started jumping around and up off the floor to get away from a bug. Without me realizing that my foot and ankle were propped underneath the floor getting ready to be slammed by the weight of the floor coming back down on my side (think of it as a big see-saw). Ouch again. So a few jokes were made about me not having much luck...and we proceeded to finish the rest of the course. I was able to do a few more things...and with no more injuries on my part! yeah!!

We wrapped up the weekend by planning a hopefully approved upcoming event!!! So I will be very eager to share more about that should it be approved (fingers crossed, hoping and praying!!!) and then we headed out to Cracker Barrel. Yes, thank you Baby Jesus. We needed some good food...didn't we ya'll?!

Overall it was really a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I def think it should be a yearly occurrence! :)

The rest of the weekend went pretty well...Cory and I had a full day together on Sunday. We sat together just enjoying each other, which was needed for us. It came at the perfect time. I love how God steps in just when it is needed and stretches us, thus equalling a stronger love for each other! My time with my hubby made me really proud to call him my soul mate. Things don't always go the way we've planned, or the way we would have hoped but I love him no matter what. I know that God has huge plans for us...growing together daily, touching other peoples lives through youth ministry and being an elder, starting a family, being great parents and friends and just becoming the couple together that God designed for us to be. I love you CJE with all my heart, always remember that! :)

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Brittany said...

I am so glad that you guys enjoyed this weekend. I also thought it was a very productive and purposed time. I can't wait to do it again. (I would just like more sleep as i am sure Cory would agree.)

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