Friday, August 22, 2008

Told you I'd be back...

April writing...

Well this is another informative Blog.
After my last post about Unexplained Infertility, you should basically be caught up on where we are currently. But to bring you a little more up to speed, allow me to explain our next step.

*note* this blog will be filled with links, so if your interested, follow the links to get more details about this process. Some links may be graphic in their description, however knowledge is power! :)

We are going to be doing an IUI. This is the basically the most logical next step in a series of processes that many women with fertility issues go through. We have already done three round of med only/Clomid and trying it all the natural way. Usually after 3-4 rounds on Clomid the doc wants you to rest for a month or two, to build up some natural elements in the women to help aid in implantation. I have been resting since the beginning of June. My doc didn't recommend doing any more rounds of Clomid, he thought in order to increase our chances of a pregnancy, we would look into IUI. So that is where we are.

Now, this isn't just a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kinda deal. There will also be doctors appt's (one every 2-3 days), medications (including daily shots) and sonograms at most of those appt's. Let me tell you a little about the meds I will be taking.

Follistim - This will be a daily injection that I give myself in the stomach. This drugs basic job is to stimulate Follicle growth. Thus increasing the odds of fertilizing the eggs, as there may be more eggs to choose from. This drug also increases the chance of multiples by about 10-12% according to most research I have seen.
Ovidrel - This drug seems to do the same job as the Follistim, and I am not quite sure yet of it's job as used in conjunction with the Follistim. So I will be finding out more about that when I meet with my Doctor.
Prometrium - This is basically progesterone. Which is needed to promote the fertilization of an egg along with a healthy uterine wall lining.

With all that being said, it is alot to take in. Alot of reading and research that I have been doing. I am both nervous and excited. Cory and I are of course excited about the possibility of getting pregnant, but if it happens or not this time around...we understand that we are in God's timing. We have been graced with great we will do what we can as we can until we are blessed with our own little baby or babies (as Cory would like!).

Keep us in's going to be an interesting next few weeks. We are hopeful and putting the situation in Gods hands. So know you all know what the plan is...and hopefully if I complain about some side effects or I seem a little you may know why. My body will be doing some changing and I am going to do my best to keep up!!! I will update as I can.



- Sarah :-) said...

ooh - that's what I wanna know about... all of the side effects. Will you be green? That would make for some fun pictures!!


Lindsey said...

I thought about you today and realized that I had not read your blog in awhile and I was wondering how this process was going.

I will pray for you. I am 100% believing that prayer works and that God is FAITHFUL. April, after the doctors not seeing any signs of ovulation for months and months, I went for an ultrasound last week and they told me that they still didn't. I was so frustrated because I had been having regular cycles ever since I had lost weight, so they did a blood test (which is much more accurate) to check my progesterone levels to double check to see if I had ovulated and 5 days later I get a call that i HAD. PRAISE GOD! What a miracle. And I tell you all this because I know we have been going through the same thing and I just want you to know that God is listening and just waiting for the perfect moment. But I truly believe that because he put that strong desire in your heart to be a mother that you WILL BE and soon!

Kevin Davis said...

I'll say a prayer for you right now.

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