Sunday, August 31, 2008

Uh-huh, yes I do.

April writing.

I DO still BLOG!!! It has just be B U S Y...and it's not technically FALL yet either! Usually Fall into Winter is major crazy busy time for us...but it's seemed to have come a bit early this year!

Last week is still a bit of a blur in my mind...and my body is still very much recovering from the 12-Hour-Blitz on Friday night...however...I will catch you up best I can.

Monday-Thursday work was insane this week. Granted, it kept me really busy so the week flew by but it was a bit high stress craziness for a hot second there!

Friday I took off work to complete some last minute planning and prep for Brittany's Shower (on Sat) I did get to meet up with my favorite boyfriend and his mom, my favorite Terri for lunch, but then it was back to the hecticness...which included mailing about 22 packages for some winning auctions from eBay...sheeewwwww!

Then it was off to the 12-hour-blitz. (that's right...12 hours locked in the church with students....7 pm-7 am....ahhhhhh! The night before Brittany's I NUTS?!?!) This would be our second one, last year we had an IBA-IBA blast and I was sure this year would be just as fun. We had about 42 students and it was awesome. The best FAR...was Underground Church. Basically the students had to go all over the church (and if you have been there, you know it is large) and find special bibles that had been hidden earlier that had a cross in the front cover. They had to keep the bibles and try and make it back to camp by the end of the game without getting caught by the Leaders whop represented the KJB. This game was insane. Of course we had a few groups that didn't do very well...i.e. some of the middle school girls who wouldn't know stealth if it slapped them in the forehead and a few guys who thought splitting up when caught was the best option!! (Even if it meant running smack into each other!) Ashley and I teamed up to make the super KJB team....overall I believe we caught and confiscated about 37 bibles at my last count...I almost clotheslined of the kids in my my daring and awesome capture...and I am pretty sure we scared the *p* out of about 6 middle school girls trying to hide out in the bridal room! haha!

But let me tell you...due to all the army crawling and running and crouching...I am CRAZY sore. Like my sides are sore, my arms are sore, the top of my head is sore...all the way down to my stinkin' pinky toes!! But it was SO worth it. I think we played for over 2 hours...and the best part was the students really got into it!!! After that we filled the rest of the night with Barbarians, Hide-N-Go-Seek, Do you Like your Neighbor, Honey Do you Love Me and about 5 different versions of Dodgeball...including one with marshmallows. I do have pictures to share...but at this point I am realizing that I left my camera and Jason and Brittany's house tonight so that won't be possible to share them with you at this time. Boo I know.

Then Saturday morning came...7:30 am and I was outta there...running home to eat breakfast and sleep a little before the shower. Which went off very nicely...I still wish I would have done some things differently...I really wanted it to be nice for Britt and I hope it was... but I am a bit of a party perfectionist and it didn't hold up to my higher standards...but I did allow it to sneak up on my fast at the end there and all my lose ends didn't get tied up as nicely as I would have wished...oh well. She got alot of diapers and cute clothes...and it brought us one day closer to Miss Tessie's arrival so I will just focus myself on that!!! :)

By the end of the shower I was ZONKED....physically that is. My mind was doing pretty good. Although my spelling was suffering while making the gift list! haha! I went home and took about a 45 minute nap, caught up with Cory a bit and then cleaned the kitchen...I know...super fun.

Sunday rolls around...I am SO tired...I made sure to get caught up on my sleep but still found myself at 8:15 not able to function quite like I should be able I begged Cory to let me meet up with him at church for the in-between scene, he was happy enough to oblige and although I did sleep through 30 minutes of my alarm, I did make it in time. Super sore back and all...Am I really getting so old that I ACHE when I wake up staying up all night never took a toll that lasted this long on me before!

After church I went to lunch with my family and then we headed over to Sarah and Kyles house to help them they are homeowners now!! YEAH!!! After that fun work, I headed over to Jason and Brittany's house to Jason and Cory put together some nursery furniture. Glad I got to spend a little time with them...soon it will be the Harris 3...and our no-baby-friends will soon be a baby-in-tow family, so soaking in some couple-to-couple time is good :)

I am now home...supposed to be sweeping for the family labor day party tomorrow...but I am thinking sleep sounds more fun. So the morning will bring me sweeping, tidying up and grilling time before the fam gets here....yeah!

Well, that's about are caught I hope you all had a great week...and I am back on the blogging no worries. Have a great Labor Day and see you all soon.

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- Sarah :-) said...

Ummm... I think you mean "KGB" not "KJB". I'm just saying.

But YEAH!! You guys were SO SO SO fantastic with all of your help on Sunday. I knwo you were sore, but you worked so hard and I honestly could NOT have done it without you guys. Thank you SO SO much!!

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