Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm warm.

April writing...

It's hot in my office. Boo. If you know me, you know I hate being hot. HATE IT. So I just went and turned down the air...again...and it finally cut on. I know it is such a nice day outside, but I opened my window and it was doing little to help me. Boo. Ok I'm over it now.

So I didn't do the Wordless Wednesday like I was supposed to do last night...I choose rather to go to bed. Seriously. I was tired. So my b...I will catch ya next Wed!!

I am going to do a little something neat that I saw on Regina's blog. Go do's fun. Here's mine on Love and Marriage (yep, I hear you all singing the theme song to "Married with Children" now...oops.

I am not sure why it's so small...and I can't figure out how to fix it...but it's neat. You should go try! :)

Ok what else is on the agenda that I got a little boredom out of my system. It is looking to be sloooooow day at work. I got here and there was nothing on my desk waiting for me. So I can finally get to the list of stuff to get done for Jason!!! I also plan on doing some coupon and grocery store research. I watched Oprah last night and there was a lady on there that used coupons on a double day at the store and her grocery bill was $187, but she only spent $3.02. AMAZING! I am so driven to try that now! I always get so excited at BJ's when I save lots of money with coupons. I believe my record is $46!! Not bad! Let's see...then I am filling out an application for a potential second job that I am super-de-duper excited about. I will be posting more on that at a later date!! :) I have to plan for my Amazing Glaze project for tonight's Ladies night. I believe that I will be making a flower pot...but I am not too sure yet! :) And that's about it for now...although I always find something to fill my time with!! :)

Be back later gators!!

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