Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trying my hand

April writing...

Well I am giving it a shot. Trying my hand at an online store.

I ran across this opportunity on some blogs that I read regularly. The potential to make some extra money creating one of a kind products is pretty high. In just playing around with it today I designed two shirts and a pair of shoes.

And they are all available for purchase!! (I don't set the prices however, so that is a little ehh...but according to one of the blogs...people STILL buy!)

So I am gonna try it out.

I am going to work on some designs for birthday cards, mom and dad cars, invites, etc. We'll see how it goes.

Take a look at some of my products and let me know what you think. Be honest about the whole won't hurt my feelings.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

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