Friday, August 08, 2008

Pops or Bites...whatcha like? :)

April writing...

We were finally successful in the cupcake pops...well cupcake bites department. Aren't they too cute!?!? I think it is pretty much similar to the other idea...just not in lollipop form, and a little easier too...a few less steps. I am pleased.

I hope these little bites make a sweet addition to Brittany's that is quickly approaching might I add...eeeekkk!! other news (ahhh I just had to) from our baby front since I haven't updated in a while and babies were the topic of my last conversation tonight. At the end of this month we SHOULD be proceeding (finally) with the IUI process (Intra-uterine insemenation) I will have to take some shots and lots of sonograms for about 10 days and then well, they do thier part and we wait. I say 'should' because it will all depend on some bloodwork and a few let's call them prerequisites. We are very excited and hopeful, yet grounded.

*allow me to get a little serious with you*

From the start Cory and I have always had a firm, faith-led belief that this pregnancy will happen in God's timing...and we continue with that belief. We have peace and understanding that all things happen for a reason, including and especially pregnancies. We have decided as a couple not to let this 'trying to get pregnant' consume our relationship. We have seen too many couples get entangled in the emotional ups and downs of this process, to then let ourselves get tripped up the same way. There are two many couples who get so caught up in the timing of it all that they lose who 'they' are together. Our time together is already so valuble to us, that taking it down a notch or two by saying things must be timed 'just so' just isn't something we are willing to do.

I know that there are people in our life that probably believe that we just must not really want it that bad...or we would be a little more proactive or stressed. After all it's been three years of trying! But what they aren't seeing is that we have a completely healthy and faith-filled outlook on this situation and we will continue to have that outlook.

Yes, I worry at times and yes, we both long to be parents and yes, there are times where I feel like it can't happen soon enough and yes, there are times where I get frustrated with the process and think 'why can't it just happen the normal way.'...but if I...if WE...allowed ourselves to get entangled in that web, well then we haven't actually progressed in life and in our relatinoship nor have we prepared ourselves for anything other than heartache.

My heart does ache for women that 'cannot have children' and over the past three years the thought that I may be one of those women has crossed my mind, I am human. But why in the world would I want to dwell on the negative? Especially after hearing soo many people say 'don't get stressed about getting pregnant, it only makes it harder to do so.' The funny part is, I feel abnormal because I am not stressed, and many of those same people who made the above statement seem to think we are living with our head in the clouds unwilling to face the fact that there may actually be something to be stressed about.

That's just not how we are. I believe in prayer and understanding of God's timing in my life. I welcome as many prayers as you could think to throw up to the 'big guy' on our behalf...I welcome advice and thoughtful words...we appreciate it all. Just know, we are dealing with this situation the best way we beleive God has created us to. And what we look forward to the most is being supported for what we believe and how we choose to travel this journey together as a couple.

I certainly hope this doesn't come across that I am angry or upset...I just want to set the record straight for any who may be not fear for us, do not stress for us...just pray for us and rejoice with us that each day we all have together is blessing enough, should that be all that God chooses to BLESS us with. Thanks for allowing me to be a bit vulnerable with you.

*so much for just a simple blog about cupcake bites!!! teehee :) *


Becky said...

I commend you and Cory. My brother and his wife tried for 5 years before they realized that other measures would need to be taken. Once they realized what it was that was preventing them from having a baby. It was totally God and you know that God's timing and will is perfect. Now over 2 years later with twins and one more on the way from a frozen embryo (which is not 100% to take when transferred), God has given this family more than they ever imagined. And without trying to get hopes built up, I have a feeling that God is about to bless you both in a major way...could it be twins? Maybe...either way, God is there with you and Cory...I am believeing with you both.

Kevin Davis said...

I'll take 3....or so dozen. Thanks.

- Sarah :-) said...

Well put, Ape. Well put.

I think that takes care of that, don't you?

PS - Your own "little cupcake" is going to be a beaut... even if there's more than one!! tee hee hee. KEEP ON TRUCKIN'!

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