Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday...blah blah blah.

April writing...

Yeah for Cory! He has blogged three times since last Monday!!! Yeah sweetie!! See you CAN do it!! Even when you have a rough shift!

Now onto the headache part. So I decided to wear a headband today. I haven't worn this headband before so it hasn't exactly been 'worked out' yet. It is squeezing the life out of my huge brain and now I have a headache. But I can't very well take it off, cause then my hair will look pushed back without a headband and that's not cool. EHHHHH!!! Oh well.

I spoke with my BABY Nurse yesterday, Sonya. (She is amazing by the way. She makes up for the docs kinda quiet and dry bedside manner) Anyways, she has ordered my medicine and I will be going in to see them sometime around the 26th-27th. So I am excited...yipps. Cory on the other hand is not super excited. I mean he wants a baby, but pretty much up until now I have been having to do all the hard work...and by hard work I mean...surgeries, procedures, sonograms, bloodwork, traveling to Baltimore in the morning before work and being poked and prodded. Well now he has to be poked and prodded a bit. And he's not liking it! :) haha. I am not laughing AT you baby...just at your reaction. It's like a kid that doesn't want to go to the dentist! But you will survive...and you will be doing your part for a healthy baby too! :) So...more prayers please! :)

I have been looking at ways to spruce up and excite my home business. Starting back in the summer of 06, I decided to look into becoming a custom scrapbook and memory designer. I set up my business model, gave it a name, Heartscape Designs and to date have completed three projects for three customers. I have one customer now that I am awaiting pictures from...(Melissa!!) I am eager to work on her wedding scrapbook! I would say since earlier this year I have kind of let this settle and worked on some other projects.

Well, I am gearing up again and here are just a few of the things I am excited about offering:
- Scrapbooking: 12 x 12, 8 1/2 x 11, 8 x 8, 6 x 6 Albums with pictures/Premade (Baby, First Year)
- Postcards, Note Cards, Thank You Cards, Invites, Announcements, Labels, Business Cards, etc. (Digitally created and printed)
- Blog Extras - Headers, Footers, Title Boxes (premade or especially designed)
- Frames, Shadow Boxes & Tins

I am looking for some 'test' customers. This would be at no cost to you...but I am looking for some people that would be willing to let me use some of thier pictures and basically set up a 'mock' project to use for my portfolio and website as samples. Here are the areas that I need testers:
1. Baby Announcements (if you have some sweet pics of the little ones with thier birth info and name)
2. Graduation Announcements (have a family member that has graduation and have a pic of them and the date)
3. Baby's First Year Scrapbook (I am gearing up to make a baby's first year scrapbook, looking for a boy and a girl with pictures from newborn up to 12 months)
4. Other: anything you wish to try.

Each tester will get a copy (for free, if it is a scrapbook, this does not include the album) and I will use the project as a sample for my business. I would love it if anyone would be interested. So just let me know and that would be a HUGE help to me!!!! Oh and of course if you are willing to be an actual customer and you have a project that you would like completed I am available as well. Thanks guys!

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Terri Peters said...

You know Bennie would be your test boy, but we don't have a whole year's worth of pictures yet.

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